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Combining decentralised genotyping data for diversity analysis

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A key problem for scientists is the integration of diverse and dispersed biological data and their analysis using diverse analytical tools. We developed GenDiversity, which is a query and analysis application combining genotyping and passport data from diverse crop data sources. GenDiversity, is a Web application for

  • querying decentralized genotyping data from different databases
  • combining two or more different genotyping studies
  • converting outputs to different file formats for diversity analysis: DARwin (Perrier 2006), Convert (Glaubitz 2004), Structure (Falush et al. 2007), Nexus (Maddison et al. 1997)
  • filtering by passport data
  • computation of allelic frequencies
  • computation of linkage disequilibrium
  • checking for duplicates.

The public data comes from

Last updated: March 2012